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Loyalty Program FAQUpdated a month ago

Where can I find out more about your Loyalty Program?

All you need to do is to create an account with the email address you used during checkout! You can proceed to create an account here. Log into your profile to find out more about the rewards points you have earned. You can find out more information about our MOD Club rewards program here

How do I redeem my loyalty points? 

You can redeem your points during checkout, where you will be able to select the points you wish to use on your next order! 

If you have additional questions about our warranty program, you can contact us and client care specialist will be happy to assist.

How many points can I earn?

These are the rewards we like to provide our loyal customers. 

When do my loyalty points expire?

You have up to 1 full year to use your MOD Lighting loyalty points. After that point in time, the point will then expire and cannot be put towards a purchase. 

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